Renovation Day 1

Today I started the renovation of the hallway. Since the walls were wallpapered from before I decided to keep to that. I also recently discovered Non-Woven wallpaper which is very much to my liking. The main difference is that it’s supposed to be edge-to-edge and not overlapping . You roll the glue directly to the wall and you can apply the wallpaper directly. It’s thinner so groundwork is required, especially if you have decided on bright wallpaper.

Here’s some (almost) before pictures:

The previous wallpaper were a quite nice green one. But dirty after 15 years, and quite outdated. The hallway felt very small and dark. And a big birch wardrobe occupied almost the entire area next to the door.

What you’ll need:

  • A roller
  • Base coat painting
  • A smaller brush for finer work around doors, ceiling and floor.
  • Screwdriver


This is how I prefer to work, and this may look different from person to person.

First of all you have to remove all contacts and lamp buttons. Make sure to turn off the electrics in the room you work in. Close off the area if you have kids or animals! Take good care of these in a special place.

Start with painting around doors, windows, ceiling and floor. If you have a tendency to drop a lot of paint on the floor you may consider to protect it. I usually don’t and if needed I have a small wet towel to wipe up paint stains. After that you paint the walls.

Depending on the paint, how you paint and the previous wallpaper you probably need to paint twice. The second time I only paint the walls because the third time around I paint the ceiling and the molding (both the ceiling and the floor moldings). When I decide to redecorate or renovate I want everything to be shiny and bright.

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