So I learnt a new thing…

I learnt a new thing this weekend, or rather several new things. By some mystic power things brakes down around me without me even trying. It’s uncanny.

My car broke down halfway to the westcoast this weekend and I had to rent a car. Fortunately I manage to drive the car to a mechanic before it gave up on me completely – and they had a car-rental in the same building.

This weekend was important for me to get leveled with myself and met my best friends. They all live very far away so every once in a while we take short holidays and just eat good food and treat ourselves. This year we decided to visit Sweden’s westcoast. I absolutely love to be a tourist in my own country and explore the lovely surroundings. I don’t travel a lot to other countries with me being a dog-owner and frankly I have never had that itch for travel. My way to relax is to be at home and fix things and tend to my garden.

I deeply recommend you guys to be a tourist in your own country, and it is a good way to care for the environment. Especially when you choose to take the train.

My other revelation is that fences (!) is my new drug. I have grown tired of one of my dogs running away to meet his best pal every chance he gets so I’m looking for fence ideas. But it’s been hard to find the right one. So on my weekend trip I saw this during our evening-walk and I’m in L.O.V.E!

Every house near the ocean had this type of fence with a “pyramid” on top. So my summer project is decided. As soon as I get my car back so I can drive to the hardware store. I wished that I had taken more pictures during the day. These are just quick snapshots.

And almost every house had these wonderful “joy of the carpenter” as we call it in Swedish.

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