Re-use or Recycle?

So… I don’t have any facts for this statement I’m about to make, except that this is what I always heard.

Recycling is good but to re-use something is even better. The best thing is to not buy unnecessary things (read: crap). If I would have all the receipts for all the crap I ever bought… *shudder*. How much money do we literally throw away during our life-time? And how much products are we “forced” to buy due to adds, “influencers” and celebrities? (That’s a whole topic that requires much more space.)

My motto is to recycle what has to be recycled. But most of all…


Re-use when you can.

Recycle when you must.

After a time of consideration I decided that the Christmas curtains from my mother had to be replaced with something less Christmas-ly. So I sew the new curtains and as usually you get these left-over. So this is what I did with those.

Not the best crafting AND my first time to sew in a ziplock. Anyways… it will do the job.

For the other scrap bit I did a… what do you call it? Curtain holder?

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